Anti-Keylogger Software Reviews

We have tried and tested the best, most affordable anti-keylogger software available online and brought you our top rated - saving you time and money. We keep our Anti-Keylogger Software Reviews short and simple, so that's it!

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spyware cease anti-keylogger review
#1 Spyware Cease | Top Rated
Spyware Cease is without a doubt, the best spyware and keylogger removal tool available. We found it hard to fault! The software guarantees to remove all keyloggers, meaning that if the suspected file isn't detected or removed on the first scan you can submit your suspicions to their technicians and they will send you a free update to remove the threat!
spyware cease anti-keylogger score 96%
zemana anti-keylogger review
#2 Zemana Anti-Logger
Zemana Anti-Logger has everything you need in an Anti-Keylogger
Program, including a simple interface, keystroke bug monitoring &
screen capture virus protection. All at a very low price. Top rated!
zemana anti-logger score 95%
privacykeyboard anti-keylogger review
#3 PrivacyKeyboard
Privacy Keyboard is one of the most competent Anti-Keyloggers on
the market. The amount of keyloggers the software detects is second
to none. The only downside is the high price tag. Worth looking at though.
privacykeyboard anti-keylogger score 95%
advanced anti-keylogger review
#4 Advanced Anti-Keylogger
Advanced Anti-Keylogger is another great piece of software which did
extremely well in our tests. The ability of the software to stop the recording of keystrokes is the base of a brilliant program.
advanced anti-keylogger score 94%
elite anti-keylogger review
#5 Elite Anti-Keylogger
Elite Anti-Keylogger is another well known piece of software with some
great features. The software can detect even the most advanced keyloggers and came out extremely well in our test. Good price tag as well.
elite anti-keylogger score 93%
data guard ultimate anti-keylogger review
#6 Data Guard Ultimate
Data Guard Ultimate provides all round protection against keyloggers.
Although this is a great program its not quite as effective as the above
software. The program is also a bit overpriced.
data guard ultimate anti-keylogger score 92%

About Anti-Keylogger Software

If you think your infected with a keylogger or that someone is trying to monitor your computer then you need anti-keylogger software. Capable of detected keyloggers and computer monitoring software at the deepest level, anti-keyloggers are your defense against any sort of spy software.

Keyloggers are capable of:

  • Monitoring Keystrokes
  • Taking screenshots of all your activities
  • Monitoring and logging which programs you use at what times
  • Monitoring and logging which websites you visit at what times
  • Recording passwords
  • Monitoring IM Chat conversations like MSN & Facebook

With an anti-keylogger you can be defended against this sort of software, which is usually run in 'silent mode', making it hidden from you and hard to detect at all times. Even anti-virus software can have trouble detecting keyloggers. Our Anti-Keylogger reviews and comparisons will help you decide which software is best for you and protect your computer efficently at all times.

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