Veriato 360 Review


Veriato 360 Review – The Tireless Employee Monitoring Software Application written by: Madhukar Yadav Veriato is a top notch employee software application that keeps a close watch over the communicative as well as online activities of your employees. With the aid of this office watchdog, the employer can keep a detailed and accurate record of an employee, which is ideal for assessing the loyalty and productivity displayed by an employee. Veriato Employee Software is mainly used to investigate the actions of the workforce, detect insider threats and increase the productivity of employees.

The Advantages:

>>> Veriato is equipped with the latest tools that permits an employer to effectively block as well as monitor employees.
>>> It is highly scalable and can be configured as per the requirement of the employer.
>>> The client-server architecture is well defined.
>>> Screenshots can be established with the aid of a timer.

The Disadvantages:

>>> It is not very easy to install this software on employee workstations. The installation method is slightly complicated in nature.
>>> Customer supports such as email and chats are available only on weekdays.

The Brownie Point:
>>>Veriato is a robust employee surveillance software application that offers advanced tools to track and keep a tab on your employee. It is undoubtedly the best method to spy on all your employees by monitoring their business computers from a single location.

What sets apart Veriato Employee Software from its competitors is its high tech monitoring features and control mechanism that enable an employer to keep a close watch over each and every action initiated by his workforce. This application is backed by a highly dedicated team of customer support individuals that resolve all your queries in a jiffy. The user interface of this monitoring application is easy to comprehend and simple to use.

Veriato 360 Review – A Detailed Analysis of its Features

veriato 360 screenshot

Monitoring High Risk Insiders:

Veriato enables an employer to track the activities of an employee from a remote location. The recorded information may be accessed from a media device, such as a laptop, an iPhone or a tablet. The employer has the option of viewing this information singularly (by opting for the Silent Mode option) or share it with his employees (by opting for the Transparent Mode). By keeping a close tab on all the business computers, an employer can record, store, analyze and review an employee’s work performance.

Some of the Main Monitoring Features of Veriato 360:

>>> The Web Address Monitoring Feature – Employers can keep a close watch on the web addresses accessed by employees as well as the total number of times these URLs were accessed. Keystrokes too can be monitored remotely to identify what was being typed. To improve employee productivity, an employer may restrict access to certain websites, such as Facebook, Twitter etc.

>>> The Idleness Monitoring Feature – Sometimes, employees simply open a particular web address and avoid researching on the topic. They simply while away their time, pretending as though they are researching on a particular topic. Veriato offers tools to detect such idleness/attendance on the part of an employee and ensures that employers can take corrective measures to avoid this from happening.

>>> The Messaging Monitoring – By keeping a close watch on the keystrokes (using the keystroke logger), the chats and email messages, an employer can gauge whether his employees are sharing sensitive company related information with restricted third parties or not.

>>> The Real Time Monitoring Feature – The Veriato Cloud has the ability to capture real time information, which it stores in the form of screenshots or recorded data. This data can be reviewed later and analyzed by the employer.

>>> The Data Monitoring Feature – Data access (regardless of whether it is internal or external) is captured by this application. Files that are deleted, deleted files that are restored and files saved to an external drive, are also monitored by this employee software. Details pertaining to the printing process initiated by a particular business computer is also tracked.

Advanced Control Mechanism to Improve Employee Productivity

1) Incident Response Feature – In the wake of a sensitive information being leaked to an unauthorized third party, the employer is informed instantly. Details pertaining to such slip-ups are also recorded within the software for review purposes.
2) Measuring Productivity – Detailed information pertaining to the permitted norms of an organization allows employers to detect any deviations, in a jiffy.
3) Video Playback – Employers can record and play visual image of all activities that occur within their organization.
4) Alert Messages – In the wake of a security leak, an alert message is dispatched to the employer’s media device.
5) Third Party Integration – To enhance data collection and management, third party installations such as Splunk, SIEMs is possible.
6) Chart Depiction – Quick view panels permit data viewing in several distinct levels.
7) Mass Access – Employers can view all actions pertaining to a chosen event by the simple click of a button.

Efficient User Support

Veriato offers a dedicated chat support to resolve customer queries. Video tutorials as well as webinar support is also readily available. This application also supports an FAQ section that answers almost all your queries. In case of any doubt, you can always send them an email or call them up at their dedicated customer support phone number.

Veriato 360 Review – The Final Verdict:

Veriato Employee Monitoring Software is undoubtedly miles ahead of its nearest competition. It provides the latest monitoring tools to record real time data, detect a breach and access recorded information from a centralized location. The storage facility offered by this application is vast, owing to its Cloud cover.

This tireless employee monitoring software ensures that your employees improve their productivity by closely monitoring their idle time and by restricting employee access to gaming or social media websites. The customer support offered by Veriato is flawless in nature. Customer queries are professionally handled with the aid of a live chat option, a dedicated email support, an elaborate FAQ section and a phone based call center support.

In the end, it would not be incorrect to state that the Veriato Employee Software is the most efficient tool for monitoring employee performance and for increasing the productivity levels of your workforce.