KeyGhost Review


Hardware Keyloggers are small devices which record keyboard keystrokes when used on a computer. Depending on the model you are using, a keylogger can record everything down including passwords since it can stay active even when the computer is turned off. This means a good keylogger can even get the BIOS and disk drive passwords. This last bit gives them a big edge over the software based keyloggers. They can be hard to detect and are useful both as backup devices and monitoring tools. Hardware keyboards use has to be done within legal means as infringing on the privacy rights of individuals is illegal.

You can use a keylogger to monitor employees, children at home, your personal PC use in your absence, or to simply back up your work and keep a record of your progress. The last function can be useful when you want to compare future changes. Hardware keyloggers can be used even by people with little computer knowledge.

You have to identify a keylogger that best serves you in terms of compatibility, security, operation and storage capacity. KeyGhost has been one of the pioneer manufacturers of hardware keyloggers. They have a reputation of making a diversified range of keyloggers from stand-alone USB keyloggers in a plug style, to inbuilt keyloggers. This KeyGhost Review is going to focus on two of their standout keylogger models; The KeyGhost USB Keylogger 512 MB and The Time and Date stamping KeyGhost USB/HUB Keylogger.

The KeyGhost USB Keylogger 512 MB 

This was the first model they made and it quickly changed the industry by the simplicity of its operation, its effectiveness, and features. Given that all KeyGhost firmware is upgradable, the only difference with newer versions of the USB keyloggers is the storage capacity offered. It has a similar look to any usual USB thumb drive. This gives it a bigger appearance than most of the other USB keyloggers in the market who go for compact and discrete designs. A distinctive style is used on the strong plastic coating covering the body of the keylogger. This may arise a user’s suspicion but when the USB is plugged in along with the keyboard cord, it does not look out of place.The operation of this keylogger is very simple though a bit different from some other brands in the market. For logging, you just plug it in any computer or hub and it will record all keystrokes whether the PC is on or turned off. The point of difference is at the retrieval of the logs. Unlike most other brands, to access the logs and the configuration menu, you will need to work with an open text editor. On the text editor, you will type a given key sequence and the keylogger will type out an automated menu for you to choose from. From the menu, you have the option of downloading the logs to get a detailed account, or you just download the text log only. Other options include changing the password, erasing the log, and determining the speed mode.

It comes with a number of distinct features. First, it is compatible with literally all operating systems for any computer whether they are Windows versions, Linux or Mac OS versions. It is also compatible with all speeds on Keyboards. You could be using older ones with the lowest speed of 1.1Mbs or the newest models with speeds of up to 12 Mbs. The storage capacity is the indicated 512 kb which is able to store over 500, 000 keystrokes. This is enough memory for an individual or home use and you can always clear up the data anytime you want.

In case you need higher memories, you can go for the premium version with offers 2MB storage capacity, translating to about 2,000,000 keystrokes. That is enough memory to last a year of more. In terms of security, your data is protected by a 128-bit encryption which is premium encryption for a lower end keylogger. This means you get the added benefit of security at no expense. In terms of stealth capabilities, this keylogger does well since it cannot be detected by software or in the device manager.

The Time and Date stamping KeyGhost USB/HUB Keylogger 2MB

This is a premium product from KeyGhost and comes with added features and advantages. It takes on the cable style form of the other category of Keyghost keyloggers. So instead of thumb drive shape, you have a 30 cm cable similar to the cords used to join USB cables. It is white in color which is the only let down in an otherwise perfect keylogger. The white color while being aesthetically pleasing, sells out the added part of the cable when paired with black keyboard cords.

In terms of function, this keylogger opens up in a similar way the plug style USB keylogger does and that is where the similarity ends. This is because the Time and Date Stamping KeyGhost USB/HUB Keylogger has a different operating system from any other KeyGhost model. This gives it an extra range of features which is evident in the longer menu it comes with. Newer features include a three-mode stealth setting from low, medium and high. You also have a wide speed setting from 1 to 12 which allows you to tune the keylogger to your computer’s speed more accurately. Also provided are time settings that come with the Time and Date stamping feature which had long been missing in KeyGhost models.

In making up for a feature other brands had already introduced, Keyghost goes a step further. You can change the time and date, set the time intervals, decide the session timeout interval and toggle time stamping. Its operating system allows the use of other multiple USB devices in the hub without interfering with their function or compromising on its stealth. A memory capacity of 2MBs ensures you have over a year’s use. It is compatible with all PC and Mac operating systems as well as all the USB hubs, wired and wireless keyboards. Aside from the stealth features, you get 128-bit data encryption.

As expected, this is a pricey keylogger which unless you really need the stealth and added features, you may not use at home. In the workplace, however, it is unrivaled in the extended features and compatibility it offers.