KeyGrabber Review


Looking at the Two Top Models

Keyloggers are a great resource for companies and individuals in certain situations. For companies, they are used to monitor employees on how they use company resources by keeping logs of every keyboard activity. Companies can also use them to keep copies of data entries which can be used as back up and for comparison purposes. An auxiliary benefit of keyloggers to companies is the ability to detect internal spies who may have tried hacking into the computer. Parents can also use keyloggers to monitor and track their children’s use of the computer. For writers, it can be a great portable option to back up your work as you go. Keyloggers are available as software options as well as hardware ones.

Hardware options offer ease of use, great portability, and mostly better security. They are popular for both home and corporate use. Finding the best keylogger is important and it largely depends on matching the keylogger features with your needs. The Keygrabber keylogger models are one of the best in the market. In this Keygrabber review, the focus is on the features and functioning of the KeyGrabber USB Keylogger and the KeyGrabber Wifi 2GB Keylogger.

KeyGrabber USB Keylogger

This is a unique kind of USB keylogger. In terms of design, it has a practical and functional approach. There is nothing that screams pretty about it just a square shape with smoothened ends. It looks more like an end to a USB adapter. Beneath this look are added strength features like the metal lining that covers the inner part of the female port. The added durability enables it to handle the frequent strain that comes with the keyboard cord. Its design allows it to blend with the rest of the wiring enabling it to disguise its function. This reduces the chances of anyone interfering with its purpose.

The KeyGrabber USB Keylooher offers a simple and smooth operation. It requires no drivers or software downloads as it comes with its own operating mechanism. You just get the keylogger inside a USB port on the computer and insert the keyboard cable in the keylogger. From that moment, all keystrokes will be logged. For data retrieval, you just need to convert the keylogger into a flash drive. This is done by pressing a 3 key combination with the keylogger plugged in the computer. Data can be retrieved from any kind of computer. Files are stored in a FAT file format.

The keylogger comes with the added advantage of supporting national keyboard layouts. Instead of having text garbled up because of poor interpretation of the locale, the keylogger detects the locale of the keyboard by translating the keystrokes. This allows users to use different kinds of keyboard layout and still get correctly stored data. All the data comes with a time and date stamp and it is well organized allowing for easier browsing and location of information.

You do not have to worry about storage since the keylogger comes with 16MB of internal memory. This supports storage of about 16,000,000 keystrokes which translates to about 8000 pages of text or more. This makes the KeyGrabber USB Keylogger ideal in areas where a lot of data is generated.

Security in a Keylogger is usually in two approaches. First, it has to be protected from the users of PC who may not like being monitored and can tamper with the process. Secondly, it has to be protected from unauthorized persons accessing the data contained inside. For the first problem, the design of the KeyGrabber USB Keylogger makes it inconspicuous merging it well with the keyboard cord. It looks like part of the system and it is hardly noticed. Further, when in use, there are no alerts from the system about its presence allowing it to go on keeping logs in stealth. For protection against potential hacks and data theft, it comes with 128-bit security encryption set up by having a password.

KeyGrabber WiFi 2GB Keylogger 

This is a keylogger belonging to a niche position of the keylogger market with few such devices available from leading brands. In terms of design, it is pretty much similar to the usual USB keylogger taking on the small shape measuring just under 3 cm in length after you have it plugged in the PC. It comes with a silver lining marking its premium status.

In terms of functionality, the KeyGrabber WiFi 2GB Keylogger still offers the same easy to plug in and remove operation. The only difference is the kind of firmware that allows it to support WiFi functionality. It comes with two state-of-the-art in-built processors, a WLAN transceiver and a complete TCP/IP set up. This allows it to have an added wireless keylogger function in addition to the usual USB keylogger aspects. You will not need to physically access the logs since the keylogger will send them to you by email since it can access the local Wi-Fi network. The emails are sent automatically in a discreet manner.

Should you want to access the logs before the emails come, you can still do so anytime using the TCP/IP setup. The usual flash drive mode can be activated and you can use any computer to check the keystroke logs. This model also comes with the date and time stamp and the internal battery has a 7-year lifetime guarantee ensuring the date and times are kept even when the computer is off. Setting up all the additional functions is easily done with a provided guide that is in the keylogger.

Security for the keylogger is in several aspects. Its miniature size gives it obscurity. Once set up, it operates like a ghost meaning users will not be able to detect its presence from the front end. It also supports WEP, WPA, and WPA-2 encryption keeping it safe from potential hacks while transmitting or storing information over the network. Finally, you can have it set up in such a way that data can only be obtained from a remote device meaning anyone getting the keylogger cannot access the data.

As with all other forms of hardware keyloggers, the model you pick from the KeyGrabber models should be one that meets your needs and can be tailored to fit your situation.