All in One Keylogger Review


This is a review of All in One Keylogger, the computer monitoring software from Relytec. All in One Keylogger seems to be one of the most popular keyloggers on the market but does it live up to its name? Lets find out!

I’ll start this review at the beginning – the All in One Keylogger website. The actual site is quite old fashioned and can be slightly confusing. Even so, there’s a lot of information here and purchasing and downloading the software caused no problems. Installing the software also caused no problems and was a quick and easy process.

The software it self is pretty good. All the usual settings are there (screenshots, e-mail, chat etc) and everything is easily customizable. To retrieve the software from stealth mode you have to type your password after clicking on the desktop. There’s also a ‘Silently uninstall On A Certain Date’ Option which could come in handy and an option to record sound with a microphone (which most keyloggers won’t do – making this a very attractive feature).

On the stealth side of things, All in One Keylogger has no problems. The software couldn’t be detected by anti-virus and was no where to be seen in the task manager or add/remove programs tab. After testing all this I let the software run for a few hours whilst performing some everyday tasks.

When I was done I reopened the console by typing my chosen password and clicked Log Viewer. Everything was recorded nicely in an easy to view format. The software included a calendar to check data for each day and everything was time and date stamped. I also had the settings set to e-mail the report to me which worked very nicely. All in one keylogger constantly updates their software and the keylogger has some brilliant, unique features including:

All in one also allows you to block certain websites, making it perfect as a parental monitoring tool. All in all this keylogger is a very competent piece of software and it also comes with a free trial. Although I liked the software there are a lot better options for around the same price. To find out more head to our homepage: