Elite Keylogger Review


This is a review of the computer monitoring software ‘Elite Keylogger’. The software is one of the most popular keyloggers available but does it live up to its name? Lets find out!

For this test and review, I downloaded and installed Elite Keylogger. I tried all the different settings. I used my PC for 3 days with the software running and I checked for stealth within windows.

The Elite Keylogger website is easy to navigate and provides a free demo of the software. I paid for and downloaded the keylogger with no problems and installed the software again with no problems. After running the software and setting your password, the program informs you that to retrieve Elite Keylogger from stealth mode you must type ‘unhide’ and enter your password.

elite keylogger boxAfter setting up Elite Keylogger to my desired settings I closed the software, putting it into ‘stealth mode’ and set about my test. The first thing I checked was invisibility. After checking the add/remove programs tab and the task manager (and a few more technical tests) I was happy with how stealthy the software was. (The website also guarantees that the Elite Keylogger is undetectable to all spyware software)

I then set about a few menial tasks in windows. I visited a few websites, entered a few passwords, did some word processing, viewed some photos & chatted with some friends in MSN messenger. I also printed a document, restarted my computer and played a game.

I then restarted Elite Keylogger by typing ‘unhide’ and entering my password to view the results. I was very happy with the detail of everything recorded. All of my activities were viewable in an easy to read format, along with time and date stamps. There are tabs for each section (screenshots, websites etc).

Elite Keylogger is a brilliant keylogger and combines ease of use, functionality and invisibility for a very powerful piece of software. The Software costs $69, its official functions are (from the website): Keystroke Recorder, Application Activity Recorder, 100% Undetectable, Records Windows Logon Password, Chats, Ims, Email, Screenshots, Clipboard Monitoring, Keyword access, Invisibly collect logs to USB drive and Sends Logs to Email or FTP. Elite Keylogger is worth taking a look at.

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