Gecko Monitor Review


gecko monitor screenshotGecko Monitor is relatively new on the computer monitoring scene, but even so, it jumps straight to our number one position for its impressive user friendliness, its powerful features, its incredible stealth and its refreshing value for money. As computer monitoring goes, it seems that Gecko Monitor knows what users want, and deliver it in a great package.

As usual we’ll start our review at the Gecko Monitor website, which is fresh and modern. The site clearly explains what can be achieved with Gecko Monitor and provides simple links to download the trial (2 hours to test the software) and to purchase the software. It also has a page to download the user manual (although you probably wont need it) and a contact form for customer support and questions.


Gecko Monitors feature list is solid and no frills. All the usual features are there, and as soon as you open the application for the first time you’ll see the tabs from left to right for keystrokes, screenshots, websites, applications, printers, clipboard and files. The final tab is Timeline, which provides a brilliant, easy to understand timeline of activities.

Within the settings, you can easily optimize and customize exactly what you want from Gecko Monitor – how often screenshots are taken (or just when a new window is focused), how often and where to send remote email reports (which work flawlessly unlike a lot of Geckos competitors) and how you un-hide the application. When you start Gecko for the first time you’ll also be asked to provide a password for added security.


In our tests Gecko Monitor didn’t show up in the task manager or the add/remove programs options. It’s also installed deep in the windows directory which means there’s no chance of the application being found when a user browses through the hard drive. In fact, Gecko Monitor is by far the stealthiest application we’ve come across in our tests. If stealth is important to you then this application should be your first choice. The uninstaller is also included in the settings to keep everything hidden within the program.


When it comes to reporting, Gecko Monitor rates highly for it’s easy to understand reports and user friendliness. As soon as you open the software for the first time you’ll understand how it works. There’s a tab for the reporting of each features, a settings button and a ‘start monitoring’ button. It couldn’t be simpler. Once you define your settings and start monitoring you can un-hide the software by pressing your key combination (Ctrl+Alt+F12 by default) and typing in your password. At this point you can view the logs.

The keystroke monitoring logs everything by application, you simply click the application and view the logs. What sets Gecko apart from it’s competitors is that you can not only see what was typed into certain browsers, you can also see which ‘tab’ or website the text was typed into.

The screenshots are viewed as thumbnails and can be double clicked to be expanded to full screen. The applications tab shows you the times & dates (as do all tabs) of all the applications used. Same goes for the websites tab. The printer tab shows you everything printed and the files tab shows all file activity, including saved & deleted files along with times and dates – this is great for monitoring when people are working and what they’re working on.

The timeline feature is a great addition and shows an easy to understand graphical timeline of key events that have happened. These include keystrokes, websites visited, applications used and screenshots. This tab is great for getting an overview of everything that’s happened.


Overall, Gecko Monitor combines stealth, great features, user-friendliness and value for money into one great package. If you’re looking for an easy to use monitoring solution then look no further. Gecko Monitor takes the number four spot in our reviews list and comes highly recommended. We give it an outstanding 98%

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