PC Pandora Review


pc pandora logoPC Pandora is the keylogger/computer monitoring software from the Pandora Corporation. The software has a whole range of features that include filtering/blocking as well as monitoring and keylogging. PC Pandora works brilliantly in many areas and is used by parents, employers and worried spouses all over the world. PC Pandora is our top rated product, let’s find out why!

For this review of PC Pandora, we’ll start at the website. At first the website seems a bit difficult to understand, the first page we came to seemed unnecessary but after we clicked through to the next page we found that downloading the free trial or purchasing the software was simple. Downloading and installing PC Pandora was also very simple. Once installed you can choose a ‘secret’ key combination and password that is used to open up the user console when in stealth mode.


PC Pandora has a number of great features that are very easy to use. The software monitors all aspects of computer activities including keystrokes, applications used, websites visited, chat/IM conversations, Email’s sent/received, file and P2P activity, user activities, file tracking and search queries. PC Pandora also takes screenshots of the PC at user determined time intervals.

All of PC Pandora’s above features work extremely well, the website monitoring worked for all common browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox & Chrome) and everything that’s reported includes times stamps and time durations. The chat monitoring reported both sides of chat/IM conversations almost all of the time (which seems to be the hardest thing for a keylogger to pull off – PC Pandoras chat monitoring is the best we’ve seen).


When it comes to reporting, PC Pandora’s user interface is very friendly and easy to use. Each section is accessible using the icons at the top of the screen and everything you’ll need to know is no more that a click away. Most notable is the Screenshot Reporting. You can view the screenshots of what’s happened on your computer in ‘movie style playback’ and skipping back and forth through the screens makes viewing pain free. All passwords entered during monitoring were also reported to us. As well as viewing them on the actual PC, the reports can be email to you at certain time intervals – from every 10 minutes to every 12 hours.

PC Pandora also has great filtering and blocking options, making the software for parents and employers alike. The software can block certain applications from being used and can block websites either by website address or a selected category. The category blocking is great, with one click you can block pornography websites or social networking websites (there are over 50 categories available). You can also set your filtering and blocking options differently for each user account on the PC, a great feature if you have children of different ages. Passwords can also be set for blocking, so if you do want to access a blocked site you can simply enter a password.

One other thing worth nothing is the file activity monitoring, which could be very handy for business owners whose employees work with documents a lot. The reports here are comprehensive and include, files created, files deleted and files printed, all with dates and times so you know exactly what’s going on in your office.


When it comes to stealth, PC Pandora can run in normal or silent mode. When in silent mode the software can’t be found in the task manager, start menu or the add/remove programs list. The stealth levels aren’t the best we’ve seen but you’d have to be a very advanced computer user to find the program (and you’d have to know to look for it!).

A few other things worth mentioning include the bandwidth monitoring, which monitors all network activity, ‘the active time spent on PC’ feature, which is self-explanatory and the webcam capture, which takes snapshots from a connected webcam at certain times, so you can see what’s going on BY your computer!

One more feature to mention is the PC Pandora ‘LIVE’ service, which (at an extra monthly fee) allows you to control the program and view the reports in real-time from a remote location like another computer or an iPhone/Smart phone. This feature works really well and could be worth the extra fee if you’re going to be away from the computer your monitoring.


So, as you can probably tell by now, we love PC Pandora and think it more than deserves a top position on our site. All in all the software is very easy to use and has more than enough features to cover every aspect of computer monitoring. This is a great keylogger that is well worth looking at. Click Here To Visit The PC Pandora Website Now

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