Realtime-Spy Review


realtime spy screenshot twoThis is a review of ‘Spytech Web’s’ popular computer monitoring software – Realtime Spy. Spytech sells a number of products in the niche, including Spyagent, which we’ve reviewed and holds a high rating on this site. Realtime Spy is actually very similar to Spyagent but has one major difference – you can view the results in realtime!

As usual, for this review we’ll start at the website. The Spytech website is one of the most professional keylogger sites I’ve seen. There’s free trials of every product and purchasing and downloading your product is quick and easy. My only problem? There’s too many products! They each do similar or slightly different things and a lot of the features overlap. In my opinion they should be condensed down into two or three products.

After installation, you can log on to the website to view all the realtime spy results in realtime. This feature is really great and works effortlessly. You can view keystrokes, websites visited, screenshots, chat conversations and applications run, along with quite a few other things. There are also a few remote control functions for the PC you are monitoring, including remote log off and shut down.

There is also a remote install function with realtime spy but for certain reasons we don’t consider this in our ratings (The remote install is temperamental anyway). The software does lack a few functions though (especially a few that are included in Spyagent) including, filtering options, email alerts, file transfer monitoring, software installations and clipboard monitoring.

All in all, realtime spy is a great product if you require instant, realtime reports at the sacrifice of a few finer tuned features. You won’t get great customization like you would with some other keyloggers but the remote function does work really well.

Realtime-Spy has earned a place on our top 10 keyloggers list for its remote reporting feature and its ease of use. Click Here To Visit The Realtime Spy Website Now

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