Spytech SpyAgent Review


spytech spyagent boxThis is a review of Spytechs popular computer monitoring software – Spyagent. The software offers complete monitoring of the target computer and has a number of features. Spytech also offers other versions of its computer monitoring software including Realtime-Spy and Netvizor.

Spytech’s SpyAgent is one of the most popular computer monitoring applications available on the market. But does it live up to its reputation? The short answer is yes, it places at number one in our top ten list because of its comprehensive set of features, ease of use and unparalleled stealth levels. Let’s delve deeper to find out exactly what the software has to offer.

The SpyAgent website offers a free trial which, although is limited to thirty minutes, gives enough time to test the features and determine whether the software runs well on your PC (Spytech does not offer SpyAgent for Mac at this time).

All the regular keylogger/computer monitoring software functionalities are featured in SpyAgent. The software will stealthily monitor:

• Keystrokes typed
• Websites visited
• Online searches performed
• Applications used
• Social networking activities
• Printing and file usage
• Windows activities and mouse clicks
• Emails
• Uploads/Downloads
• Passwords
• Microphone and webcam recording

All of this is recorded in stealth with the logs being sent either via email, FTP or physical program login. The reports are well organised and viewable in graphs, top ten activity reports, screenshots and common activities; all of which are filterable through custom search.

The applications user interface is beautifully simple to use. You can manage settings such as scheduled monitoring, the frequency of screenshot capture, website blocking (blocking by keyword, category or application are all available) and frequency of report sending quickly and easily in the settings panel. The interface is viewable using a secret key combination and password.

The download and installation is quick and easy, and once installed the software runs in absolute stealth, not viewable in the task manager or the add/remove programs list. The default key combination for opening the console is control+alt+M. Browser compatibility is comprehensive, with no monitoring problems encountered while using Chrome, Firefox, IE or Edge. All emails, whether webmail or SMTP, were logged perfectly. Web activity, including Google searches, and direct website visits were logged in an easy to read report. And screenshots were captured and helpful and informative moments, like when a new website was visited or application used, as well at user-defined time intervals.

Quirky but helpful extra features are also worth nothing. A self-uninstall after a certain time period could be helpful in some circumstances, and the option to alert users that they are being monitored could be helpful in others (the workplace, for example). Other options include instant email alerts when a user-defined event occurs, and smart logging, which activates at certain times or when the user engages in a certain activity.

Why does Spytech SpyAgent deserve our number one spot? For reliability and robustness, it’s simply never been beaten. The software does its job and sends the reports. The customer service team are helpful, and in our appraisals always responded to our queries in less than 24 hours. To summarise, whether you’re looking to monitor your family computer, your work laptop or your employees stations, SpyAgent will certainly provide an unparalleled level of robust monitoring. If you want reliability, this is the software for you.

Spytech’s Spyagent has earned the number one position on our site for its great all-round monitoring and its ease of use. Click Here To Visit The Spytech Spyagent Website Now

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