WebWatcher Review


webwatcher keylogger screenshotWebwatcher is the popular computer monitoring software available for instant download online. The software boasts some impressive features but is it worth the high price tag? In this review, I’m going to look at some of the features of Webwatcher.

After downloading and installing the software, which was a very simple process, the first thing I check is how ‘stealthy’ the software is. This is one of the main features that the website boasts and I was pleasantly surprised. For the average computer user (unless you’re a programmer or expert) the software is completely stealthy. It wont show up in the task manager or the add/remove programs window, as well as some more advanced parts of windows. So rest assured, whoever your monitoring will be completely unaware (if that’s what you want).

Once you’ve installed the software you can re-open it with a combination of keystrokes (eg Control + Shift + Z) and a user defined password. Once opened you can set all the features you want to monitor as well as any programs or websites you want to block.

Once the software us running silently you can see the results from any computer with an internet connection. You log on to the Webwatcher website and its everything is viewable in an easy to read manner – with a different tab for each section. The Tabs Include Email, IM Chat, Keystrokes, Websites, Searches Performed, Screenshots and Programs

Once you click on your desired tab you will see everything that has happened on the monitored computer. I used my computer for 2 hours before checking the results. Making sure to visit a number of websites and use a few different programs which were all recorded perfectly, including passwords used.

Webwatcher is a great program for your monitoring needs and they offer a number of bonus features that make it one of the most complete packages available. The only downside is the high(ish) price tag. At just under $100 its one of the more expensive solutions. But the stability, ease of use and capability of the software more than makes up for it. Although if you don’t think you’ll use a keylogger regularly I’d recommend a slightly cheaper piece of software.

Webwatcher has earned the number three position on our site for its powerful features, its ease of use and the ability of viewing the logs at any time remotely. Click Here To Visit The Webwatcher Website Now

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