Win-Spy Review


win spy screenshotNOTE: Win-Spy now comes with an Android monitoring application free.

Win-Spy is one of the more well-known keyloggers on the market. Lets see how the software fairs against competitors in this review. We start at the website. Although the website looks old fashioned and not very attractive, it is easy to understand. The purchasing and downloading of the software is very simple. The only problem? No free trial! The company says that because of anti-virus software misleading people by saying their software is a ‘trojan’ or ‘spyware’ they have stopped offering a free trial to try and keep the software private.

Once the software is installed you will find that everything is easy to understand. The user interface is very friendly and self-explanatory. You bring up the console by pressing control+shift+F12 and use the user ID and password you registered with to enter. On stealthiness levels, Win-Spy is great. It is not found in the task manager or the add remove programs window and is very hard to find in the system.

The features that Win-Spy have are very impressive. All the normal keylogger features are there – Keylogging, Screenshot capture, Websites visited etc. But the amount of extra features that a lot of the top end competitors don’t offer are exceptional, especially at the low price. These features include; a remote install feature, the ability to listen to the targets microphone and watch the targets and webcam the ability to be alerted when the user types a certain keyword. These are just a few of the impressive features that Win-Spy offers.

All in all, Win-Spy is a brilliant program that is at the top of its game in keylogger software. The only problem is the fact that there’s no free trial. This, and a few other very small problems means we have to give the software a score of 8/10. The score could be higher in the future though.

Win-Spy has earned a place on our top ten keyloggers list for its great extra features and its high levels of stealth.Click Here To Visit The Win-Spy Website Now

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