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Ok, so Net Nanny isn’t a keylogger as such, nor is it really computer monitoring software (although it could be called that) but its close enough to warrant a review here. We will not be including it in our keylogger comparison list. Net Nanny is parental control software, used for keeping tabs on what your children get up to over the internet. The software is used for blocking and filtering websites and other internet related activity including gaming, facebook and chat.

Net Nanny combines a number of powerful features to control, filter and block what goes on your computer while your away. As this is a keylogger reviews site we have to mention that this software doesn’t log keystrokes, applications used or most of the other features an average keylogger has. If you think you need a keylogger click here, if not lets move on.

Net Nanny uses something DCA (Dynamic Contextual Analysis) to filter web content on a 24 hour bases. This means there’s no tedious blocking of every other website under the sun that has questionable content, the software analyses each web page as there opened to check the content. It can block anything from porn to violence meaning that if a news website reports a violent story in the morning but its gone in the afternoon Net Nanny will allow access in the morning but not in the afternoon. Great! You can also gain access to a blocked website with a password, if you deem it appropriate.

There are a number of brilliant extras that surround DCA in Net Nanny. Firstly, everything is customizable, even remotely. If something triggers Net Nanny’s filters you can be sent a text or an email alerting you, you can then choose to edit the options to allow access – even from your phone. Another feature that we really like is the ‘profanity filter’. You can set this up so that swear words on websites simply get marked out with random punctuation marks (?!@**!) so that the whole page is not blocked and you can still see the majority of the content.

With social networking on sites like Facebook and Myspace getting more and more popular, Net Nanny has kept up with the game. Parents can get comprehensive reports on exactly what is going on these sites. Including profile views, friend lists, photos, videos and wall posts, all in an very easy to understand format. This is another thing worth mentioning about Net Nanny, everything is very user friendly and easy to use. You’ll work out how the software works quickly and easily and even the remote set up features are pretty easy to use.

Another thing that’s getting more and more common online is the downloading of video games. In the past this wasn’t issue as when a child went to buy an age restricted game in a shop they would be asked for ID. This is hard to enforce on the internet but Net Nanny solves that. Any game that has a certain age rating can be instantly blocked and games can also be filtered by name.

As we mentioned before, Net Nanny is not a keylogger but if combined with a keylogger could become very powerful. The closes feature Net Nanny has to a keylogger is the reporting of websites visited function. You can get a report (either from the computer or sent to you) that lists all the websites visited and the date and times at which they were visited. You can also view search engine searches and results. If you used a keylogger as well as Net Nanny, you could use Net Nanny for filtering, blocking of websites etc and a keylogger to monitor all keystrokes pressed, applications used, chat conversations and file activity etc – a very powerful combination!

The installation of Net Nanny is very simple and once installed everything can be set up very quickly and easily. The software also offers a free trial on their website and the purchasing and downloading of the software is pain-free.

As you can probably tell by now, we are big fans of Net Nanny. The filtering and DCA is second to none – you won’t find anything that beats it. The amount of extra features is also brilliant – they have covered almost every base. The software is also easy to use and there’s no pain staking hard to understand customizations. Combining Net Nanny with a keylogger would be very, very powerful and if your looking for a keylogger check out our homepage here:

If not, click here to visit the Net Nanny website, where you can download a free trial of the software. We hope you’ve found this review helpful.

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