Mobile Spy Review


mobile spy boxMobile Spy takes the third place in our list of top phone spy software. The main reasoning behind this is the software’s low price. At under $50, Mobile Spy is a whole lot cheaper than most of the competition (when you compare it to FlexiSPY and Neo-Call). Although the feature set is not quite as comprehensive as the others, Mobile Spy does have a lot to offer and may suit a lot of users.

As usual with our reviews, we’ll start at the products website. Mobile Spy’s instantly looks fresh and professional, with everything you’ll need to know about the product within a few clicks. Once purchased Mobile Spy is very easy to install. It requires you to download the software from the website onto the phone, install, then restart the phone. At this point, you will need to enter your details at put the software into ‘hide’ mode.

At this point, I’d like to discuss the products stealth levels. Mobile Spy is not sold as a spyware product. Although the software does run in stealth, finding it on the phone is reasonably easy, if the phone’s owner knows what they’re looking for. Of course, they still won’t know who’s been spying on the phone.

Although Mobile Spy’s features aren’t quite as vast as some of the competition, the software is still quite powerful. Depending on the phone your monitoring, Mobile Spy’s features include the following. Call log monitoring, SMS text message monitoring, GPS locations monitoring, phones contacts, tasks, memos, calendar events, photos and videos. There are also a few features that are missing from the competition including, email logging and websites visited logging.

To view the results of Mobile Spy you simply log onto their website. Everything is displayed in an easy to read manner, making this part of the software brilliant. Mobile Spy can also be installed on up to 3 devices, making the value for money exceptional when compared to the competition.

All in all, Mobile Spy is probably the best option for people on a budget. Although the power of the software is small compared to something like FlexiSPY, the value for money is unbeatable. If you want complete stealth and detectability, then this software probably isn’t for you, but its certainly worth looking at.

Mobile Spy has earned the third place on our site for its very cheap price and brilliant ease of use. Click Here To Visit The Mobile Spy Website Now

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