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mobistealth screenshotMobistealth is one of the leading phone spy products on the market. But how good is it? Let’s find out. As usual with our reviews, we’ll start off at the website. The Mobistealth site is easy to understand and navigate and provides all the information you’ll need to decide which version of the software you’ll need.

Mobistealth has three versions – Lite, Pro, and Pro-X. The availability of versions depends on the handset you have. For example, at the moment the iPhone is only compatible with the lite version although most phones (especially Android phones) work with all three. Each version is a different price and has different features. You can also pay per three months, six months, or year. So which version does what?

The Lite Version ($49.99 for 3 months) has the following features – SMS text message logging, call history logging, website logging, contact details logging, bookmark logging, calender logging and GPS location tracking. The Pro version ($79.99 for 3 months) includes all of the above features, plus – picture logging, using the phones mic to record its surroundings at any time, sim change logging, location without GPS and location through SMS. The Pro-X ($99.99 for 3 months) version includes all of the above, plus – the recording of calls and video logging. Some phones also support email logging and blackberrys support blackberry messenger logging.

As you can see, Mobistealth has a lot of features but do they all work? The installation of Mobistealth onto the handset is very simple. Once purchased you’ll need around 10 minutes alone with the phone to download the software, install and restart the phone. Once this is done Mobistealth will run in absolute stealth mode. When compared with some of this software competitors (eg Mobile Spy) , the stealth levels are brilliant.

Once the software is installed on the phone you can simply log into your account online to view the Mobistealth reports. We were extremely impressed at this point. The reports are very easy to read and everything you’ll need is a few clicks away. The software works flawlessly. You can see a number of panels on the dashboard that display the data and allow you to manage each aspect.

One feature that really makes Mobistealth stand out from the crowd is the call recording in the Pro-X version. Where other mobile spy software will alert you when call is made so that you can listen in on it, Mobistealth will simply record the call into your account so you can come and listen to it at any time, meaning you never have to worry about missing an important call! The ability to record from the phone’s microphone at any time is also brilliant (and slightly worrying for the target!).

The phone GPS location monitoring also works very well using Google Maps to display the data. The location will either be sent to you at certain time frames or immediately, by sending a secret command to the phone the location will instantly be uploaded to your account.

To sum up, Mobistealth is brilliantly comprehensive and is actually great value for money compared to a few similar products. The software is easy to install, easy to use and more than powerful enough for most peoples needs. The price of the software ranges from $49.99 for 3 months subscription of the lite versions to $199.99 for 12 months of the Pro-X version.

MobiStealth has earned the top spot on our website for its value for money and brilliant feature set.
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