PhoneSheriff Review


For the purposes of this PhoneSheriff Review, we will be looking at its functionality, why employers and parents would want it, and what current customers say about it. What exactly is the PhoneSheriff? Essentially it’s a mobile phone monitoring application that is used by parents to protect their children’s phones and limit the use of their children’s calling, browsing, and texting habits. It is also used by employers to monitor their employee’s habits while using the company provided cell phone.

phonesheriff review

Purpose of the PhoneSheriff

For parents, the PhoneSheriff is used to enable a parent to guard and guide what their children are looking at or doing on their phones. Are your older children and teenagers accessing sites they shouldn’t be? Or do they spend too much time texting and browsing on their phones? Are you getting aggravated because they are ignoring their homework or other daily chores? The PhoneSheriff app will help with some of this headache as it allows you to control several facets of your child’s phone. The PhoneSheriff will monitor your child’s activities and send reports back to you through software that you download. You will then be able to determine what sites to restrict and usage time on that particular phone. There’s even a control that allows you to choose what time the phone is unlocked and usable.

For employers, this app also is a great idea as you will be able to track how the company phone is being used. Are your employees wasting time on sites they shouldn’t be visiting when they are supposed to be making sales calls? The PhoneSheriff not only will report back to you on what your employee is doing on the cell phone, but it will also allow you to make several other changes, as well. You can block certain sites, stop profanity, restrict their contacts to employees and customers, and also limit time used on the phone. The employees can see the app on the phone, but they can neither disable or uninstall it.

One of the features not previously mentioned is the ability to monitor photos that are taken and sent or received. Again, this can also be extremely useful for both employers and parents to make sure that inappropriate photos are not being sent from the phone or received.

Why do you want it?

For employers, this app will save the company money in the long run. If your employee is using their time on the phone to company’s best advantage, then it creates a better profit for the company.

Parents like it because it not only has monitoring capabilities, but has location features so you can verify where your child is at. If your child or teenager has gone outside of the specific area you have allowed them to (referred to technically as geofencing), an alert will be sent to PhoneSheriff. You can then check on your child and make sure all is well with them allowing you more freedom to enjoy your time and worry less. Another positive for parents is the ability to monitor all the texts that are sent and received. You will be able to determine if your children are associating with friends that are a good influence.


How well does it work?

PhoneSheriff isn’t perfect but the positives outweigh the negatives with this app. With this program, you can see all the apps on the phone and block or approve them. Parents and employers especially liked the ability to block inappropriate websites. When a site is blocked, though, the screen just goes blank. This might be confusing to the person who is using the phone as they could think it has a virus or has just turned off. In my opinion, it would be better to have a warning flash up (as some other apps do) that this site has been restricted.

As for the negatives this product works “flawlessly” once it has been installed, but installing it seems to be the major drawback. As stated in several customer reviews, installing the product takes a lot of time and quite a bit of technical savvy. There are also, at times, more features to monitor than you might have time for. You can be overwhelmed with too much data at times, so be aware that once you have installed it, you may have more data than you have time to look at.

PhoneSheriff also does not tell you exactly how much time is spent on each site. That can be a negative as your child might be visiting sites for homework purposes and you believe they are just surfing the net. But the ability to see what sites are visited will help you to decide if your child is spending their time wisely. If you are more interested in how much time your child spends on social media, PhoneSheriff does not track that, so you will want to avoid the app if that is your biggest worry.

As for the cost of the app, to some this will be a negative and to others this will be a positive. It is $ 49.99 for 6 months and $ 89.99 for a year and depending on your budget, this might or might not be affordable.

This software company also has been reviewed as having great customer service. The support team is live 24/7 through chat or phone, so it there are any issues with installation or running the program, the customer service team will be able to walk you through it quickly and efficiently.

Overall, PhoneSheriff comes as highly recommeneded. From turning a child away from a bad path to stopping another person who had stolen credit cards and a car, this app has had a successful history. So all in all, if you are considering purchasing the Phone  Sheriff, it would seem to be a wise choice.