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REFOG Review | $97

This is a review of the popular computer monitoring software – REFOG. Also known as a keylogger, computer monitoring software can record all the goings ons on your computer whilst your away for you to check over. It's used for a number of reasons including child and employee monitoring. REFOG has three editions – Home Keylogger, Personal Monitor & Employee Monitor. Lets take a look at the features in each:

  • 3 Different Editions
  • Starts At A Low Price
  • Decent Stealth Levels
  • Home Keylogger has very limited functionality
  • Home Keylogger Includes:
    Keystrokes logging
    URL monitoring
    Apps monitoring
    Screenshots capture
    Invisible mode

    Personal Monitor Includes all of the above and:
    IM & Facebook® chats interception
    E-mail & FTP delivery
    File tracking
    Alarm keywords

    Business edition includes all of the above and:
    Realtime network logs

    The prices of each are (in euros):
    Home Keylogger: 39.95
    Personal Monitor: 69.95
    Business edition: 149.95

    For this review we will be focusing on the home keylogger edition, the cheapest of the three. After downloading the software and installing (all of which were done easily with no problems) we were bought to a set up screen. This enabled us to set exactly what we wanted to monitor. The next screen asked if we wanted to set up e-mail reporting – which we did. Next was how we wanted to hide the software. The options were; Hide from tray, hide from control, alt, delete, hide from desktop and hide from start menu. We checked all four. Finally you can set up the secret key combination that allows you to re-access the software to view the data. Once all this was done the software was closed and the computer restarted.

    In our tests we found REFOG to be very stealthy. We couldnt find any trace of the software without 'technical skills' and everything we did on the PC was recorded in an easy to read way. Passwords typed, websites visited and programs used were all e-mailed to our address along with all the other data. refog keylogger review score 90%

    Webwatcher has earned the number three position on our site for its powerful features, its ease of use and the ability of viewing the logs at any time remotely. Click Here To Visit The REFOG Website Now

    visit refog keylogger website

    We hope you've found this REFOG review helpful! We've compared our favourite keyloggers side by side on our home page, along with a comparison chart, so you can see exactly which keylogger does what.
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