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TGEYE Keylogger Review | $39.99

Although this is a review of TGEYE keylogger, Gecko Monitor is our number one rated keylogger/computer monitoring software, which we highly recommend. To read a review of Gecko Monitor Click Here, or read on to read the TGEYE review.

TGEYE is a low price keylogger with many great features. At under $40 its one of the cheapest keyloggers on the market. But don't let that fool you. This keylogger is very powerful and well worth taking a look at whether your on a budget or not.

TGEYE keylogger is probably one the stealthiest keyloggers available. In our tests it wasn't detected by any of the popular anti-virus programs. The software was also easy to download and install. Once installed, you can see that the user interface is very friendly. You can set the features you want and the software has the ability to send the reports to you remotely via FTP or email.

  • Good Value For Money
  • Great Stealth
  • Self-Uninstall Feature
  • No Filtering & Blocking
  • Other features of TGEYE include the usual screenshot capture, keystroke capture etc but a few of the more note worthy advanced features are; The option to be alerted when a certain program starts, automatic updates and automatic installs, very fast installation through a USB drive and the ability to self-uninstall on a certain date.

    All in all, this is a very powerful keylogger at a very low price. There is also a lite version available on the website that has limited functionality but will give you a feel for the program. Sadly there is no fully functional trial. The software will run on almost all windows machines and you can get support for the program in the forums or via email.

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    TGEYE has earned the 89% score on our site because of the very low price and the powerful features. If your looking for stealth then this is the keylogger for you. Click Here To Visit The TGEYE Keylogger Website Now

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    We hope you've found this TGEYE Keylogger review helpful! We've compared our favourite keyloggers side by side on our home page, along with a comparison chart, so you can see exactly which keylogger does what.
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