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#1 Gecko Monitor | TOP RATED
$39.75 http://www.GeckoMonitor.com
Gecko Monitor gets our number one spot for it’s comprehensive feature set, it’s outstanding stealth and it’s amazing value for money. The software is also the easiest to use we’ve come across and has a free trial. This outstanding application comes highly recommended.

#2 PC Pandora
$69.95 http://www.PCPandora.com
PC Pandora is our number two keylogger/computer monitoring software. The software has everything to cover your monitoring needs and it comes at a very competitive price. PC Pandora is also very easy to use. Theres a free trial available.

#3 Webwatcher
$97 http://www.webwatchernow.com
Webwatcher gets our third place spot for its powerful feature set and the ability to view the logs/reports in realtime remotely on the Webwatcher website. The software is also very easy to use and there’s a free trial. The only downside? The high price tag.

#4 Spytech’s Spyagent
$69.95 http://www.spytech-web.com
Spyagent is a nice keylogger with great features and a nice user
interface. Spytech offers a whole range of keylogger software including
software for business’s – The website is well worth visiting. Free Trial.

#5 Win-Spy
$39.95 http://www.win-spy.com
WinSpy is a decent but basic keylogger thats a pretty solid.
Its all in a easy to use format and has a very low price tag.
The only down side is that there’s no trial version.

#6 Realtime Spy
$79.95 http://www.spytech-web.com
Realtime Spy is a very capable keylogger with the added ability
to view the results from the website in realtime. The software lacks
a few features of the above software but is still great.

#7 REFOG Keylogger
$39.95+ http://www.refog.com
REFOG is a great low end keylogger that works brilliantly and
has a very low price. They also offer a higher priced version with
a few more features. Free trial also available.

#8 Elite Keylogger
$69 http://www.widestep.com
Elite Keylogger is another great keylogger. It has many features
and a few different versions to choose from Including a free version
Elite Keylogger is its a high end software and offers a free trial.

#9 All in One Keylogger
$69.95 http://www.relytec.com
Don’t be fooled by All In One Keyloggers clunky looking website. The
software is very competent and is well worth taking a look at, although
i’d stick to the above software. Again, this software has a free trial.

#10 Ardamax Keylogger
$39.95 http://www.ardamax.com
Although Ardamax is a decent well rounded keylogger, it lacks anything
to make it stand out from the crowd. Especially for a keylogger thats
been around for so long. Also, theres no free trial. Average software.

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