Parental Control Software Reviews

Welcome to our Parental Control Software Reviews. Parental Control Software is used to filter and block what kids can and can’t see on the internet and their computers. We’ve reviewed some of the most well known in the industry, so that you can make an informed decision about which software is right for you. If you’re interested in our Computer Monitoring Software Reviews, head to our home page here:

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#1 Net Nanny | Top Rated
Net Nanny is the most well known of the parental control software available online. Combining top filtering and control with a great easy to use interface, Net Nanny should be your first stop when looking for a solution to parental control.

#2 McAfee Safe Eyes
McAfee Safe Eyes is an easy to install, easy to use and easy to manage parental control application that is at the top of its league. With a few different features to Net Nanny, this software is well work taking a look at.

#3 Profil Parental Filter 2
A great overall product, which is easy to install but difficult to uninstall, meaning those techy kids won’t be able to work their way round it. Some great features here and the ease of use is great. You can also try before you buy

Qustodio has a few flaws but overall is a great product. The free version gives you slightly more than most of its competitors. The software works using category blocking, which is at the top of its game right now. Definitely worth a look.

#5 uKnowKids
$9.95 p/m
Cell phone tracking and great social network integration makes uKnowKids a great program to look into. It does a few flaws though; disabling it could be easy for some kids and there are a few small bugs in there. Still well worth looking at though.

#6 Social Shield
$10 p/m
While Social Shield has a few flaws that can be a nuisance (namely the overly strict alert system), the program works well overall. The monthly subscription may be a put off for some, especially when there’s software that does the same for a one off fee.

#6 CyberSitter
Although CyberSitter is a decent product, it just doesn’t hold up against its competitors in the industry. For the price there are definitely better options out there, mainly the products that rank above CyberSitter in this review list.

Disclaimer:We hold no responsibility for the software we review/link to. Keylogging someone elses computer can be deemed illegal by the courts of many countries unless the computer is owned by you. Please take into consideration your local laws when using keylogger software.

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