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#1 MobiStealth
$49.99 – $199.99
MobiStealth is our top rated software for its value for money, ease of use and great feature set. The recording of phone calls for later playback is an outstanding feature and this software is quite a bit cheaper than FlexiSpy. This is a great product.

#2 FlexiSPY | Top Rated
FlexiSPY is our number two spy software for it’s powerful features and excellent stealth levels. There are three versions depending on what you need. Nothing beats this brilliant software. The only downside is the high price tag.

#3 Mobile Spy
Mobile Spy holds the number three position for its amazing value for money. It may be the only option for those on a budget and the software still has some powerful features, although its stealth levels are pretty low. Mobile Spy is well worth looking at.

#4 Neo Call
Neo Call is an extremely expensive product with a few big flaws. One being the price, another being the installation process and another being that the software is only compatible with Symbian OS. If you can overlook these flaws though, Neo Call has some powerful features.

#5 Webwatcher Mobile
Although Webwatcher mobile only monitors text messages on Blackberrys at the moment, it does work very well. This software is also one to watch as its publisher is known for producing brilliant software. Webwatcher mobile is also cheap.

Disclaimer: We hold no responsibility for the software we review/link to. Keylogging/Monitoring someone elses computer or phone can be deemed illegal by the courts of many countries unless the computer or phone is owned by you. Please take into consideration your local laws when using keylogger/phone monitoring software.

Phone Spy Software allows you to monitor and spy on a cell/mobile phone. You can see the text messages, phone calls and emails that have been sent and recieved on the phone and can even listen in on conversations. A lot of phone spy software also allows you to track the phones location via GPS. We have reviewed our favourite phone spy software products here on ‘Keylogger Downloads’ and have a comparison chart to show you which software does what. We are always updating and reviewing new software…

    (This tool has used information taken from the products websites and is by no means comprehensive. Newer phones may not have been listed yet but will probably still work with certain phone spy software.)

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