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Top 5 Keyloggers Comparison Chart

We have complied this comparison chart to help you see the features of the top 5 keyloggers that we’ve reviewed. These are the keyloggers that we think deserve to be at the top of our ratings list and each of them has a comprehensive range of features. You can click the ‘Visit the website’ buttons at the top of the chart to visit each of the keyloggers home pages or you can click the ‘Read full review’ buttons to read more about your chosen keylogger…

Why do you need these Keylogger Reviews?

If you think that you need to monitor your computer then you’ll need a keylogger. Also known as ‘Computer Monitoring Software’ a keylogger can monitor everything that goes on on your computer while your away. Our Keylogger Reviews cover all the most popular and advanced keyloggers on the market, hopefully helping you to make an informed decision when looking for keylogger downloads. Here’s a few features that we believe all keyloggers should have:

Record All Keystrokes
Take Screenshots
Monitor Websites Visited
Monitor Applications Used
Record Chat/IM Conversations
Record All User Names/Passwords
Monitor File Activity
Report The Results Remotely
Run In Absolute Stealth

We take all of this, and more into account when researching and writing our keylogger reviews. We hope to bring you honest, helpful reviews of keyloggers that can be instantly downloaded, hence our name – So why would you need our keylogger reviews? Maybe you need to monitor your child’s computer to make sure they’re staying out of trouble. Or maybe you want to monitor your employees computer’s, to make sure they’re getting on with there work. For whatever reason you need a keylogger, we hope our reviews help you! We have recently added the ability to leave your own comments, reviews and ratings to each of our keylogger products review pages. Please let us know what you think and join in the debate!

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