Employee Monitoring Software Reviews

Welcome to our Employee Monitoring Software Reviews, these are similar to our keylogger reviews but the products are designed to work on muliple computers – specifically for employers, bosses or supervisors in offices. We hope you find these reviews helpful! If your looking for monitoring software for a single computer, take a look at our keylogger reviews by going to our homepage here: http://www.keyloggerdownloads.com

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#1 Interguard (SONAR) | Top Rated
$127 http://www.interguardsoftware.com
Interguard (SONAR) is our top rated employee monitoring software product. The software has everything you’ll need to monitor multiple office computers including brilliant filtering and blocking options and the ability to monitor and control all computers. Great product.

#2 IMonitor EAM
$66.65 http://www.imonitorsoft.com
IMonitor EAM comes in at number two on our top-rated list. The software is a lot cheaper than our number one product but there are some sacrifices, including a lack of chat/IM blocking and internet access schedualing. Still a brilliant product though.

#3 Spytech’s Netvizor
$295 http://www.spytech-web.com
Netvizor is Spytech’s own answer to employee monitoring software. It lacks a few of the features of the above software but the price is unbeatable. The reports in Netvizor can also be a bit harder to follow than its competition and the software is a bit overpriced.

#4 Net Spy Pro
$169 http://www.netspytool.com
Net Spy Pro is another great employee monitoring solution. The downside of this software is the high price tag, which is well overpriced. That being said, the software has some powerful features including some great filtering and blocking options.

#5 REFOG Employee Monitor
$49.98 http://www.refog.com
REGOG employee monitor is a product that caters for the lower end of the market, if you require monitoring software for a very small office or just a couple of computers then this could be for you. The low price tag will be attractive to a lot of buyers.

#6 StaffCop
$35 http://www.staffcop.com
StaffCop is another low price option when it comes to employee monitoring. It lacks a lot of the better features of its competitors and doesn’t have any filtering or blocking options. The low price tag may sway you though. StaffCop is worth looking at.

Disclaimer:We hold no responsibility for the software we review/link to. Keylogging someone elses computer can be deemed illegal by the courts of many countries unless the computer is owned by you. Please take into consideration your local laws when using keylogger software.

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